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Last Updated on Monday, 01 December 2014 14:13

CAS Strategic Plan Survey

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Dear faculty members, staff and students,

The Colleges of Applied Sciences (CAS) are in the process of developing Strategic Plan Phase 2: 2015-2020. A very important part of this process is getting opinions, comments and feedback from the different stakeholders, including faculty members, staff and students in the CAS. Your comments and feedback are very important in developing the strategy.
The strategy starts with the statements of CASVision, Mission and Values.
Vision refers to the future image that we would like CAS to be in 5 years from the time of implementing this strategy.
Missions simply refer to the intents of CAS and the purpose of their existence.
Values are the principles that guide the different academic and non-academic activities that are carried out.
For the intended outcomesabove to be realized, they have to be translated into more explicit statements of intention, known as the strategic goals. Our SP has six Strategic Goalsoutlining theareasCAS aim to focus on. Each of these six strategic goals is then broken down into Objectives the accomplishment of which means the achievement of the strategic goals. To achieve these objectives Strategies (or implementation steps) have been suggested. Finally, some key milestones (Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)) have been set tomonitor the implementation of the strategiesand ensure progress is made.
The following diagram illustrates the hierarchy of the strategy and provides the guiding questions through which you give your comments and feedback on each part of the strategy:
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